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“The creative scientist needs an artistic imagination.”
— Nobel prizewinning physicist Max Planck
Kids enjoying arts in education programming. Life is good.

Kids enjoying arts in education programming. Life is good.

Reblog if you Value the Arts!

Reblog if you Value the Arts!

“Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the world”
— Nelson Mandela
Planning for upcoming events!

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We are actively planning for several events including Get IndyVolved, our Happy Hour event at Sun King (August 20, 6:30-8pm) and Chocolate Fest¬†(October 12, 12-4pm)! If you’re interested in volunteering at one of our fundraisers or other events, please contact Megan Watson at We have opportunities for volunteering in a number of capacities and would love to help you get some experience in our exciting field!

It’s almost back to school time! We’ll be at Teachers’ Treasures the following four Mondays (July 29-Aug 19) with donated letters which we will construct into a fun arts integration project for classrooms. We love participating at this event because all of the products offered at T.T. are donated from local businesses and organizations that want to help teachers get prepared for the upcoming school year. It’s great that Indiana teachers have this support! We support our local educators by offering a fundraising effort, Run For The Arts, which helps schools raise money to bring arts integration into their school. Some schools raise over $3,000 in a matter of weeks! If you want more information about how your school can get involved, call us or check out our new website at!

As for back to school, contact us if you have an idea for a program but can’t find it in our catalog! Luckily, we offer a “Create Your Own" option which allows teachers and administrators to construct their own arts programs however they see fit for their unique classrooms. We’re also introducing a "Corporate Teambuilding" programming effort that will work great for company outings and retreats! With this service, employers select an arts program for their event to encourage collaboration and creative thinking in the workplace. It’s necessary to create employees that are strategic and innovative when faced with difficult situations.

Have a great week!